Lorna Ryan,
Artist & Maker

Lorna studied art from the ages of eleven to eighteen at Moseley Road Art School, Birmingham, followed by a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Birmingham Polytechnic. She graduated in Textile Design at Trent Polytechnic in Nottingham in the early 1980s and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education specialising in the Early Years at South Bank University in 1995. 

She set up a textile studio in London where she created soft toys and patchwork quilts, mainly in recycled denim and corduroy, producing work for shops and online sales. She exhibited her work in the show ‘I Love Denim’ at Franklin Alvarez on Columbia Road in 2008. 

Lorna has now returned to drawing and painting and is currently working on a series of painted portraits. 

Her first solo painting exhibition, ‘Drawn To You’, was held in November 2018 at The Old Bank Vault in Hackney, London. 

Lorna lives with her artist husband Rob Ryan in London, they have two daughters.



Painter, seamstress, maker
London, 2022